Things You’re Doing Everyday That Are Slowly Killing You : Part 2

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So as promised, we continue with the series on the stuff we do every other day that are eating away our precious lifespan. The first part was well accepted though there has been a great debate on the validity of the effects of sitting down for long periods to our health as stated by health experts. I read through some of the comments posted on similar articles and some of the arguments were simply hilarious. The fact that the average human being probably sits down for more than a quarter of his life (very probably…just saying) also fuels into the much heated debate which in my opinion is quite inconclusive. All I know for a fact is that sitting for long can cause backaches. This I know very well. Anyway do some research and get as much info as you can, and just decide for yourself.
Enough with the jimjams let’s get back to it, I now give you the next 3 things that you are dying doing. Happy reading!

4. Taking medication for non-life-threatening illnesses
Taking medication for things like insomnia or anxiety could lower some people's life expectancy. In a 12-year study, published in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, scientists found that individuals not taking such medications had about a 5% lower mortality rate than those taking medication.
Now this is something that a lot of people need to be educated on, most of us (yes I’m including myself) abuse medication even with full knowledge of their effects. We usually assume since we are experiencing similar symptoms as we have before we can use the same drugs to beat whatever is bothering us. This is even worse when it comes to common problems experienced like lack of sleep or anxiety where we quickly run to abusing prescription medicine. Not only does this breed possible addiction but could cause more serious effects like a drug resistant strain of an infection or illness. Not to forget increasing your mortality rate.

5. Lacking a sense of humor
Laughter has a long list of health benefits according to the Mayo Clinic — it helps boost the immune system, reduces stress, and provides an emotional release. Laughing also burns calories.
Now we’ve all heard of the phrase laughter is the best medicine, well as much as I know there’s some truth to it, there’s always the logic part of it that I never got, well I know whoever came up with this quote meant it metaphorically but researchers are now making it literal. I mean c’mon, it helps boost you’re immune system! Wow #mindblown! The other two benefits are quite evident, people with no sense of humor just always look miserable, personally I just find them difficult to deal with and plainly put they’re just no fun. Don’t we all just hate being the only ones laughing at a hilarious joke at a party or gathering, yes we do, unless you’re the one with no sense of humor, in that case this is so not your section right now. Anyway just kidding, I always like to remind myself one thing, we always look so much better when we smile (coz let’s face it, some of us {me not included} were made more fearfully than wonderfully…just saying), we never really have anything to lose by being happy, check out one of my earlier posts I think it’s called happiness is a choice, and you’ll understand being happy is simply something you have to decide like whether to take a shower or not!

6. A long commute
Not only does commuting take up lots of time on a daily basis, it may also be taking time away from your total life span. Unpublished work presented at the annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers suggested that people with commutes longer than 30 minutes die earlier than others. Long commutes mean less time for exercise and sleep — both of which contribute to a longer and healthier life.
As much as I love traveling and long night rides, spending long hours in a car can get depressing! First of all there’s the long debate of the fact that you’ll be sitting down, which is apparently number one on our killer list, then there’s the frustration of traffic jams and bad roads which will definitely take away your sense of humor, and finally there’s the one I hate most , it’s a diagnosis I call “butt fatigue”. You know that feeling you get in your butt when you’ve been sitting for so long and its becomes like you have a brick glued to your pelvis. Yeah I know, it’s just the worst! But essentially though, more time spent on the road denies us precious time to relax, unwind and share with loved ones, and truly that is a big loss!

So this is the end of part two of our daily suicide habits series, I promise you the final part will be beyond hilarious you won’t even believe it, and I’m  not just saying this as a marketing stunt. Take all this into heed and increase your life span in every way you can. Like, comment and share the piece and see you on the final part of the series. Keep it alive!

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