Things You're Doing Everyday That Are Slowly Killing You : Part 3

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So here comes the final part of our interesting daily suicide series. The feedback has been amazing so far I have to say I've had a lot of fun with these pieces. As I had promised, this final part was going to be the most hilarious and trust me it is, some heads will roll and a lot of tongues will run, but hey, you can't argue with science! I will waste no more time, lets get into it! Happy reading!

7. Stressing out
We've all heard that stress can be harmful to our health and immune system, but research published in the Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences suggests it can actually damage our very DNA. Compared to non-stressed people, study participants with chronic stress had shorter telomeres — the regions responsible for protecting and connecting the ends of DNA strands, so our genes don't degrade over time.

Boom! This hit me like a canon, as it has just said at the beginning we've all heard how stress is not good for your health. It may cause you ulcers and its bad for your blood pressure, we're all aware of all these. Now these scientists discover that you're children may have unsymmetrical eyes because you were stressing too much! I think I'll enroll for yoga! Stress is that bad that it affects the very materials that make you. Forgive me for jumping straight into chromosomes but when I here of DNA the first thing I think of is children. I think we're all in agreement when I say its not worth risking how my children will turn out so just that I can stress out, if you want your kids to be fine breeds (like me...just saying) put a smile on your face and stick it with glue if you have to.

8. Not having sex
Having sex not only relieves stress, it burns calories and may even increase your life span. A Duke University study found that women with enjoyable sex lives lived almost eight years longer. Another study, in the journal BMJ, suggests that men who reported a higher frequency of orgasms had a 50% reduction in mortality.

Now things are getting steamy, hhhmmm....(stop thinking what you're thinking). Well I know this is a touchy topic for most people but c'mon its 2014 now and there's something called the internet. But just so I save myself a public execution, these words I'm about to speak are based on science, I think.
I won't assume we all know the benefits of sex, but the PG version would be procreation. The others have been mentioned, stress relieving, weight loss (well it does burn calories...just saying), there's the obvious leisure in it too but now science just made it easier for all men to claim their conjugal rights, IT INCREASES YOUR LIFE SPAN! You're welcome gentlemen! Of course being a christian I still believe this should be something shared by 2 people (I say it again 2 people) who are married in love, so put some ice on it little boys and girls. All in all the issue of sex is a big topic I wont get into right now, but to all the couples out there, that precious time with your partner might just be giving you more time to spend together in this world! All of a sudden I feel even worse for all the catholics vowed to cellibacy, our hearts go out to you brethren!

Oops wrong photo!
9. Eating Poorly
Things like processed foods, too much red meat, and not enough fresh fruit and vegetables all can contribute to serious health problems. Excessive red meat consumption contributed to higher cardiovascular disease and cancer mortality, according to a study in the journal Internal Medicine.

Diet will always be a major issue whenever health is involved, that will never change. The above piece is clear and straight to the point you already know what to do and what not to do. Don't get me wrong I'm not advertising for some psycho-anorexic formulas (weight loss diets) to keep you stick-like (skinny), all I'm saying is you have to watch what you eat, a few fruits more often won,t cost you much (at least not as much as being treated for cardiovascular diseases and cancer) you just have to learn to sacrifice some things for your health's sake. Victor this is directed to you too. I hear you!

10. Being anti-social
Isolation and loneliness can take a toll on your body in the same way excessive stress does. The MacArthur Study of Successful Aging demonstrated that people who rated themselves highly valuable in their friends' and family's lives were more likely to live longer than those who rated themselves lower.

Now this was one of my favorites, not that I'm anti-social, really I'm not! What struck me is that study of successful aging (bless you MacArthur), people who rate themselves highly valuable to friends and family are more likely to live longer, what more do you need to be told. Its high time we stop thinking too modestly about ourselves and start appreciating our worth. Self pity and self loathing should even be on this list coz thinking poorly of yourself is plain suicidal. Yes no one is perfect but that doesnt mean we're worthless, we're all valuable even with all our flaws, and you don't need someone to clarify to you that you're beautiful or you're worth something, thats a plain fact that should be carved on the front of your brain! In the words of Kelly Clarkson, "It shouldn't mean you're lonely coz you're alone!"

Just kidding, had to put a stop to that emotional rollercoster, I'm sure someone out there loves you, and if there's not, I love you, coz you're reading this post.
Get yourself out there, show everyone your worth, remember, no one can love you if you can't love yourself. For those in need, I have self esteem for hire, just hit me up, I'm always here, service for all!

Well sadly all good (and bad things) come to an end and this is the end of our probable daily self suicide series. Hope you had fun with it I surely did. Remember to like, comment and share to everyone out there, you may just be giving them some more days to live! Keep happy and keep alive, much love. See you in the next article.

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