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So I think it's about time I stop going on and on about myself and do something for the people I created this blog for, YOU! Being an Android fanatic it would only be right for me to share the love and give you tips and tricks on how to get free apps easily. If you are like me and don't like using precious airtime or data bundles on you're phone to download and update applications I think I have just the recipe for you.

1- All you need is you're laptop or PC, an Internet connection (broadband modem or Wifi) and yourself. Well and me as I show you how to do this ;-P
2- The key to finding what you want is knowing where to look so I've compiled my top 5 sites for downloading apps:

-Android Drawer
-APK Maza
-APK Galaxy
-Android Max APK

Once you're in you can browse through their site and look for anything that may catch you're eye and trust that will be a lot or you can just search for what you want specifically. You may encounter some adverts while downloading but don't mind them, its how those guys make money so be a good sport and make someone rich!

When you're done downloading you can just transfer the apk (that's what android applications are called and its their file extension) to you're phone and install normally or you can use this sweet software called HiSuite to do all that for you:

-Huawei HiSuite - 40MB

HiSuite is a software that helps you manage you're android device (not just Huawei but any Android based smart phone). It allows you to backup and restore you're this includes texts,contacts,apps and even calendar events. You can also read and reply texts from here, how cool is that! Other things you can do include viewing and managing you're media (music and photos), manage you're calendar events, contacts and my favourite, you can install multiple applications using this software!

All you need to do is download the software, extract it and then install it. After that just connect you're USB cable to you're computer, if there are settings to be input it will tell you about it but basically if you are running Android 2.3.7 and below, make sure you have enabled USB debugging from the Development options in Application settings and if you're running Android 4.0 and above select Development from Developer options.

And right there you have all you need to manage you're android phone and get awesome apps at the comfort of you're computer. You're welcome. For any questions, clarifications or compliments hit me up:


Or find me by my Google Plus link somewhere in this blog.

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