I'm Stronger Than This!

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Well it's been one crappy week, I mean honestly didn't know it was even legal to have so much dissapointments in a span of 5 days. Monday sucked from the moment I woke up, I almost died while taking a shower, my fingers got numb and I had an exam at 7. Got a very disappointing response from a question I'd asked someone the previous night, which changes a lot. Messed up my whole week but what can you do? Thursday was the epitome of pathetic, there is no worse wake up call than staring at imminent failure right in the face, that's when it hit me a have serious problems, but guess what? I went on to do the same mistakes again and ended up at the same shitty position on Friday, and 5 papers, dumb choices, betrayal and a heartbreak later, I can say I'm wiser now, stronger now and better now.
You see life sucks, we don't have a choice we just have to go through it, you're lucky if you have someone to do it with. Some of them stick with you no matter what, some get tired and just walk away, and sometimes it just doesn't work out. Was talking about relationships there. But when it comes to friends, they either hold you down till the end and if they don't then they weren't friends from the start, that's the principal I live by. It sucks to feel betrayed, and I've found the cure for that, in the movies they say "Trust will get you killed!" and they probably right, but in the end you'll still die if you don't have anyone to trust. So then what to do to protect yourself? Never have high expectations for anyone, that way if they are good you'll have a nice surprise, if otherwise you'll have expected it, the trick is to take your time with that evaluation, don't conclude too soon.
You are probably wondering why I'm blabbing about this so much, well maybe I'm heartbroken, maybe I feel let down, I am human you know, even though I try portraying otherwise most of the time. I started this blog to do cool stuff and talk about interesting things that could actually matter to someone, looks like life had a different plan and this is what I talk about. Yes its been one of my worst weeks yet but seems what I wrote in the previous blog is coming out to test me, well despite it all, I do choose to be happy and add all this to my life experiences resume. I often try to save the world and everyone around, often try to please people I don't even care about and people who don't care happy, I'll always try being my best but guess what, I'M NO SUPERMAN!

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